[CinCV TNG] Mailinglist change...

Christian Thaeter ct at pipapo.org
Fri May 8 16:09:24 CEST 2020

On 2020-05-08 15:45, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> [Christian Thaeter]
> > I can revert this change If you want, but then I would like to
> > remove myself as admin so that I don't get this spam anymore.
> > Downside then is that I wont notice if anything bad happens unless
> > someone notifies me personally.  
> I leave that decition to you and the other on this list.  Just wanted
> to make it clear that you have not been completely alone in the
> moderation. I am happy I did not get the spam emails, but have the
> list in my .listadmin.ini file and thus moderate it alongside the
> other mailman lists I moderate. :)

Yes I wasn't aware that anyone else actively maintains the list, thanks
for your help.

Either way, I made this decision a bit rash because I was annoyed by
the spam. Otherwise it's not me but the users/community who should
decide. I am only watching that nothing bad/malicious will happen.

> I also wanted to make it clear to every reader that locking the list
> down like that have serious effects on how welcome newcomers feel.  I
> have some times decided to drop sending bug reports to projects with
> locked down mailing lists myself, as I did not want to register my
> email address yet another place on the Internet. :)

Exactly, lowering the entry barrier is the reason why I usually
keep all mailing lists subscription free. I'd happy to revert this but
it will need some more care about spam handling, possibly setting up
some spam filter. Since the Cinelerra list is so far the only one hit
that much I don't want to put such efforts into this yet.

> > There are still over 200 addresses subscribed, dunno who actively
> > reads it because there is close to zero feedback. Anyway I'd be glad
> > if someone decides to revive the Project (make a new Webpage) and
> > link the ML again.  
> Yeah.  In my opinion, some of the other subscribers will need to
> object and air a willingness to contribute with the list moderation
> before your reasonable decision to no longer receive a steady stream
> of spam emails in your inbox should be adjusted.
> I guess the silence from the other subscribers speak louder than
> words. :)

Maybe we shall just let the spam pass though, then people will answer :D

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