[CinCV TNG] What's happened ?

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Thu Dec 6 14:33:21 CET 2018

What's happened?
I go away for about five days (for my personal problems) and the 
Cinelerra-GG group has migrated to a new place. Which a surprise!
New (very good) web site, new forum, new bugtracker, new mailing list.
I do not saying it is bad if it is separated, however, one month ago (or 
twenty days?), the headgroup of Cinelerra-GG could write a message with 
the intention of migrating to a new site for the good reasons written in 
the new web site ("Was Cinelerra-GG not represented earlier on 
Cinelerra-CV website?") , I think.
I know, I am nobody to say this or that.I am an Cinelerra-GG's user from 
March 2018 only. I like and use Cin-GG on my old computer, but this 
strange behavoiur I don' t understand. I think I have to be really a 
very stupid man.

More, Danny Schmarsel had done a new good site with hard work. At that 
time, why don't say "users of Cinelerrra-GG, is better to create a new 
independent place for us like there are different Ubuntu distributions 
(see Kubuntu, Lubuntu, UbuntuStudio,...)" in the next days. Why not?
Sorry, but I don't like that kind of the secrets. However I use 
Cinelerra-GG and my only contribute is only to report a bug, if any.
Before I migrate to the new Cinelerra-GG site, I want to thank the 
Cinelerra-CV community and yours developers/users for helping me (and I 
hope also in the future). (I hope also there is a new, good, 
collaboration for the two branches.)


Sorry for this wrong use of the mailing lists.

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