[CinCV TNG] Resources window: File names in evidence

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Fri Nov 23 13:44:20 CET 2018

In the Resources window would be useful if the file names used in 
Timeline were in more evidence.
Only as an example, with bold characters, or with another colour, or a 
simbol at the beginning of the name, or insert,in the list items, a new 
field "On timeline" near to "Tiltle", "Comment" with an asterisk 
character to indicate it is used or not, or what you think it is more 
appropriate for "easy" coding and showing. (nothing is easy!)
That in all Clips, Proxy, Media, New Media Folder, New Clips Folder.
So we can see which files are used or not and, at the end of a project, 
make a "purge" of the files are not used with the new good feature 
"Remove from Project" with multiple selection and Del key.
What do you think about, please?


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