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mag 3neurons at riseup.net
Wed Oct 3 16:32:12 CEST 2018

Watch out of not making a confusion between the nature of the video
signal and the color space of the screen :

- Nature of the video signal*: *RGB for usually s uper HD formats or
4444 which is "Full level video" and YUV of basic HD and below formats
which is video level. If you say to your program that it is full data
level (RGB) while your signal is in YUV, so video level, the result will
be very dark.

- Color spaces of the screen are sRGB, Adobe RGB, REC 709 and many
others, depends on the screen you work with (necessarily monitored with
a video out system). We have to know what type of spaces our screen is
able to provide, there is a tiny difference between the screens but
still, for the industry, such as tv world with their broadcast rules, it
is important. But for basic screenings with projectors for instance or
even home screens, they are anyway so different that is better to give
up and do not care. For cinema is related to DCI standards (with DCP
format) and programs to make DCP do very good conversions from sRGB or
REC709 to DCI rules.

In the end, most important is to know what type of signal provides your
camera, yuv or rgb, and you can set your color grading program correctly
avoiding lot of errors.

hope it's help and it's quite clear. If you want more infos about color
grading, go to the website https://www.liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php

Le 03/10/2018 à 14:34, Olaf a écrit :
> Do all color correction tools work in sRGB mode or are there any that support color management?
> In my case, I either have to set the monitor down from Adobe RGB to sRGB and load a corresponding profile, or I have to check the corrections on the basis of the rendered videos in the profile-capable viewer. Both are quite cumbersome and prone to errors.

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