[CinCV TNG] CGG new builds available; release notes below

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 22:56:53 CEST 2018

There are new builds for cinelerra 5.1.  Hopefully, the changes gg did to
make it easier for newer users to not be confused on LV2 plugins won't lead
to more confusion.  As usual tars and pkgs are at:


5.1  Release Notes for changes from 06/01/2018 to 06/30/2018 for these

1.  JPEG updated to 2.3.0 because had not been updated for awhile (Andrew R
recommendation) and
         updated libx265 from 2.7 to 2.8.
     LV2 hook updated to work for x42 plugins (BIG help through use of
Avlinux iso of Glen’s).  Now
        working are Calf, X42, Invada, Infamous, OpenAV, LSP,  Guitarx with
“glitzy” gui.  Also working
        with the simplistic gui are C*, MDA (drobilla), Ladspa, DJ, and
     Unbundled builds for Arch, Debian, RPM – verified for arch, ubuntu 18,
and leap 15.
     Dcraw for raw camera output has been updated with credit to the
author, Dave Coffin.  Support for
        new cameras includes 10 Canon, 8 Fuji, 4 Nikon, 3 Olympus, 3
Pentax, 11 Panasonic, 4 Sony.
2.  Usability Improvements:
     Sam has provided a few more ffmpeg plugin icons (thanks!)
     Faster buffer refresh rate for lv2 plugins to make them appear
     Default transition setting and usage has been changed to work
differently (Beghetto suggestion).
     Added to load filter, MP4 next to mp4 and JPG to jpg and short message
“Specify filter” (Sam).
     In the Viewer when using overwrite or splice only one of the In/Out
pointers is required, other goes
        to the end (Beghetto suggestion).
     A beep sound was added to notify user when proxy step is complete
since it can be slow (Sam).
     Igor Ubuntu provided the following suggestions and improvements:
        Shortcuts.html, as used from the Shell Cmds, has had many
corrections added and cleaned up.
        The html ShellCmds script has been modified to bring up a specific
language version when that
            default language is set in the browser if a file with the
translations is available.  Now Russian is
            available and any other language translations are welcome.
This is a nice suggested feature and
            hopefully can be expanded in the future to include
shortcuts.html translations.
        Updated ru.po translation file for Russian translations making it a
lot easier for them to use!
3.  Bugs/Issues Fixed:
     Proxy with multiple cameras was not working correctly but now there is
at least 1 way to be able to
         use proxied files with Open Mixers (Igor Beghetto first reported).
     Build script mods have been added to include problems found while
attempting work on FreeBSD
         (Yuri emails).  Also fixes for option to not build LV2, add back
10-bit option and other cleanup.
     Reverted to default Pixels in Render video wrench to be the first
choice (usually yuv420p) instead
         of available highest quality because it is most common.
     Fixed unproxied clip in viewer problem (Beghetto reported).
     Reworked a format option to switch from 12 bit to 10 bit.
     For Arch, added dependency of libdv in the build script (Andrea email).
     Zoom plugin vframe height uninitialized fix (KharAzar).
     Missing audio when use double click proxy to viewer is now fixed
     There is now an error message if user attempts to create a nested
proxy clip.
     Bug in Apply for Playback A/B has been fixed (Sam reported).
     Batch render save jobs lock problem is no longer an issue.
     Append to Project caused a crash due to earlier mods which has been
     Nested EDL proxy fix.
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