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Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Fri Jun 29 19:06:52 CEST 2018

Thank you for the improvements. I was able to test it and it works well, 
the beep is also useful.

This approach is fine and sufficient at the moment. Personally, I would 
find it more intuitive if I had the option of Open Mixer in the Proxy 
tab in the context menu, because with the current solution I always have 
to load the full files into the timeline. With four cameras and a few GB 
file size (4K 120 FPS), loading still takes a little longer. In my 
opinion it would be optimal if I load the media files in the Media tab 
and then create the proxy files and continue working only with the proxy 
files and can also start the Open Mixer option directly with the proxy 
files. I think that would be the best solution, but the current solution 
is also fine/sufficient.

I noticed one thing, assuming I work through my project chronologically 
and much later in the timeline I have a scene with multicams and that's 
where I want to use the Mixer feature. However, I can't create the 
mixers offset backwards in the timeline. The video and audio files are 
always inserted at the beginning of the timeline. It would be better to 
use the cursuor position in the timeline for inserting the mixer videos. 
Did I miss something?

What would also be very helpful, if I finished editing with the mixers, 
is that I can delete all mixer video and audio tracks with a single 
button or via the menu. That means all mixer tracks disappear and also 
the mixer windows close. Why would it be an advantage? In my example I 
have 4 cameras, i.e. I have four video tracks and eight audio tracks 
(stereo), in total I have to delete 12 tracks manually after my Multicam 
work and additionally close four OpenMixer windows. To leave Multicam 
mode completely, I have to press something 16 times. At a later Multicam 
scene the same game again. Especially if you are under time pressure 
because the project has to be finished, this would be a great relief.

Thank you again for your great work. :-)


On 29.06.2018 17:21, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> Sam,
> If you have a chance to test, we put fixes in the proxy code.
> 1) the main thing is load media (create resources only)
> 2) now open mixers
> 3) settings-> proxy
>     set your size
>     turn on Beeper (as per your request below)
> 4) now your mixers should be proxied when beep
>  If already proxied, the beep will be very short.
> 5) when done, go back to original size
> The index popup is used for other things so for now, it stays.
> More information later today.
> On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 1:06 PM, Sam <cinelerra at posteo.de 
> <mailto:cinelerra at posteo.de>> wrote:
>     I've noticed this, which is a little annoying. If I activate the
>     proxy feature and surf in the web browser in the meantime or do
>     something else on the computer because the creation of the proxy
>     files takes a little longer, then the small "Building Indexes"
>     window pops up. The window always pops up where the mouse pointer
>     is. It would be good if this window stays in the background if I
>     am not active in Cinelerra. It would also be nice to hear a small
>     sound or then really a visible popup window when the proxy
>     creation is finished, then I know that I can continue working with
>     Cinelerra.
>     Sam
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