[CinCV TNG] Viewer: Timecode not stopping at the end of the video

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Sat Jun 23 16:05:28 CEST 2018

2018-06-23 16:13 GMT+03:00 Igor BEGHETTO <igorbeg at visi1.org>:

> *Thanks for the manual's reference and the video (one video/image is
> better of 1000 words). This feature is very good; I dragged with
> RightMouseButton (RMB) only the right side. Now I understand completely,
> thanks Phyllis.*

IgorBeg, you do not understand it completely. It is a bug.
Re-read manual

*: The Viewer and Compositor have a timebar and slider below the video
output.The timebar defines a region known as the preview region. The
preview region is the region of the timeline which the slider affects. The
slider only covers the time covered by the preview region. By using a
preview region inside the entire program and using the slider inside
thepreview region you can quickly and precisely seek in the compositor
andviewer. If you go to the slider and slide it around with the preview
regionshrunk, you will see the slider only affects the preview region.

The playback (by manually) should  stop when it reaches to the end or to
the start of 'region of interest' (*of the preview region*).
It is very convenient and allows accurate navigation on small sections of
At present, there are no fixed boundaries due the bug and the idea of this
function is completely lost.

But, maybe I explained myself bad; if my video, loaded in the Viewer, is
> 2:00 (2minutes, 00 frames) long, when I drag the pointer on the right (with
> Preview region disabled - or enable -), the timecode should stop at 2:00.
> Same behaviour with "Frame Forward (1)" button with mouse click or
> keyboard.
> Can you confirm that, please?

There are two related bugs here.
Sam's peport

Mine about preview region

Igor aka i_u
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