[CinCV TNG] [impr] Filters in load window case-insensitive

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 22:54:28 CEST 2018

A minor change with the words "Specify filter" in front of the textbox in
the Load menu is what ended up being added instead of: "Apply predefined
filters or enter your own search terms:" because:

1) the Insertion Strategy box below is used in other menus besides here so
too hard to get moved
2) enter your own search terms could be confused with how it works in the
Resources Search box (like for looking for a specific plugin); here you
have to have to use a filename combo instead of just a search term
3) gg thought it was too long
4) phyllis thinks it gets the usage across anyway


On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 3:48 PM, Sam <cinelerra at posteo.de> wrote:

> Your solution does indeed make more sense.
> I finally understand how the search/filter feature works in the load
> window. This is an active field, I mistakenly thought it only displays
> values that call the function in the background. But I can change these
> values. This feature is really ingenious. I can define the search criteria
> at any time and the filter applies them immediately! I think this great
> feature gets too little attention. What do you think about naming this
> field? I know it takes up some space, but you can see what it's for. I
> added a photo-montage, what do you think of the idea? Maybe my sample text
> is a little too long, but it should illustrate what I mean by that. This
> makes it easier to understand and more intuitive to use.
> Sam
> On 20.06.2018 22:52, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> Sam,
> Although not a total solution, we did add MP4 and JPG (capital letters) to
> the "Change the filter" (yellow tooltip; where the down arrow is) on the
> "Load" - select files to load menu.  As in:
> *
> [*.mkv][*.webm]
> [*.mp4][*.*MP4]*
> [*.mp2][*.mp3][*.wav]
> [*.avi][*.mpg][*.m2v][*.m1v][*.mov]
> [*.jpg][*.*JPG*][*.png][*.gif][*.tiff]
> *.xml
> I actually have a good reason to leave the code the way it is because once
> you change to case-insensitive, you can not detect the difference if you
> want to -- it limits you.  In my case, we have an inexpensive older sony
> camera that saves the pictures in lower case .jpg and a newer inexpensive
> sony camera that saves the pictures in upper case .JPG.  I use the cameras
> for different reasons and now I can easily distinguish which is which by
> varying the case.
> This change was checked in earlier today.   The checkin also included lv2
> double buffer refresh rate.   gg/phyllis
> On Fri, Jun 15, 2018 at 4:04 PM, Sam <cinelerra at posteo.de> wrote:
>> Here's what I noticed. The filters in the load window are case-sensitive.
>> Unfortunately there are manufacturers like Panasonic (Luminx) or Yi (action
>> cam) , which write their file extension completely capitalized, as for
>> example MP4 or JPG. As soon as I use the filters in the load window,
>> Cinelerra finds nothing. Would it be possible to make these filters
>> case-insensitive? That would be a great relief for me. Thx
>> Sam
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