[CinCV TNG] LV2 plugins: sluggish display and other problems

Olaf cinmail at womentie.de
Wed Jun 20 21:47:13 CEST 2018

Am 20.06.2018 schrieb Sam:

> As soon as I adjust the audio buffer under Settings -> Preferences ->
> Playback A or B and then "Playback buffer samples" correctly (set a little
> lower), the Calf Plugin Analyzer works almost smoothly. Have you tried this
> option? It works perfectly for me.

Thanks for asking and also thanks again for the ostensively video of
Good Guy. It shows me that I absolutely must work on my translations:

On 20.06.2018 Olaf wrote:
> Inertia solution: Lower the samples in the playback buffer to 2k, for example.

But it doesn't seem that simple, if I have understood it correctly.


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