[CinCV TNG] LV2 plugins: sluggish display and other problems

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Wed Jun 20 21:12:39 CEST 2018

As soon as I adjust the audio buffer under Settings -> Preferences -> 
Playback A or B and then "Playback buffer samples" correctly (set a 
little lower), the Calf Plugin Analyzer works almost smoothly. Have you 
tried this option? It works perfectly for me. The differences to Ardour 
are maginal. I've been working with the Calf plugins for some time and 
I'm very happy with it. It definitely does not replace a DAW like 
Ardour, because Cinelerra does not have these ambitions. I don't want to 
produce music with Cinelerra because there are better solutions. The 
results of the LV2 plugins are good in my opinion. Especially when it 
comes to dubbing speech. This only reflects my personal opinion, surely 
everyone has somewhat different requirements.


On 20.06.2018 20:36, Olaf wrote:
> Actually, I'm not interested in making the presentation graphics
> pretty. As a user I only see how the graphic hops and ask myself,
> if it is already visible to the extent, what does it look like
> inside and how will it affect my work? I would stop at this point
> because I think it makes no sense to continue working with it. If
> the graphics are not presented smoothly, you will have a problem
> communicating that.
> When I was a child, I had a bicycle with a home-built second front
> light. A policeman from the neighbourhood stopped me and said that
> two headlights were forbidden. I replied that the second headlight
> was not connected, to which he kindly replied that if two headlights
> are connected, both must also work. Only much later did I realize
> what I had previously thought was an insoluble contradiction.

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