[CinCV TNG] cinelerra .xml + an abbreviation

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Tue Jun 19 21:52:07 CEST 2018

Okay, igor_ubuntu,
if you suggest to change the extension from ".xml" to ".xyz" I agree 
with you (but for old user that could be a problem). If I'm not 
mistaken, Kdenlive use ".kdenlive" extension and its code is always xml.
Any software has pro and contr. I'm using Cinelerra-GG since only three 
month and I had to adapt my worflow to that of Cinelerra. I would like 
to have some additional features but I think they are in the roadmap (is 
it possible to see the roadmap?).


Il 19/06/2018 19.19, igor_ubuntu ha scritto:
> 2018-06-19 0:00 GMT+03:00 Igor BEGHETTO <igorbeg at visi1.org 
> <mailto:igorbeg at visi1.org>>:
> >
> > Einar has explained well the issue.
> > In addition to Einar,  I  don't know any software (Lightworks, Adobe 
> Premiere, Shotcut, Kdenlive) that does what Igor says.
> These softwares do not have a bunch of branches  as Cinelerra's world
> All thes NLEs  have their own extensions to the project files.
> Only Cinelerra  has an abstract extension  .xml
> Cinelerra branches should get their own extensions.
> Adam, how about  .hv   or  .heroine  ?
> >
> > I'm sorry but I want to have control of the name of my files/directory.
> > IgorBeg
> - How is it possible to live with these options and to have  control 
> of the name of  files/directory ?
> - Just do not enable these options.
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