[CinCV TNG] Stereo to dual channel and stereo plugins

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I've been doing a lot of testing and for me 'track sharing' this works
as far as using one LV2 plugin on more than one track but there is a
problem... doing this results in Audio artifacts (pops and buffering
noises), if I export the project then the Audio artifacts are also
transferred to the exported file. In my testing using more than one
instance of the same plugins on both Audio tracks will work with Audio
artifacts but it is a waste of resources to use 2 identical stereo
plugins when one has enough 'pin' connections to do the job. I am
working on a screencast to show the difference in how a DAW (like
Ardour) handles stereo and Mono tracks and how Cinelerra handles it. 

I'm not suggesting Cinelerra should be like Ardour, however with the
new ability to run LV2 Audio plugins it might be an improvement if
Cinelerra could identify it's Audio ports to directly connect to the
available in and out pins on both LV2 and LADSPA Audio plugins.. I am
guessing that Cinelerra's Audio subsystem and track sharing features
were not really designed to run multiple Audio plugins in realtime

Hope to have a screencast up soon, I will post it here for

Thanks, Glen

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 I only know it this way. Please watch the video.



 On 18.06.2018 13:41, Olaf wrote:
 > When importing stereo audio tracks, they are imported as
 > independent 2-channel audio tracks. If an area of these
 > two tracks is selected and an audio effect is inserted,
 > only one audio track is affected. Although the channels
 > are "connected", I'm obviously not doing something right.
 > So my question is, how do I use a stereo-capable effect
 > on an actual stereo track?
 > Thanks in advance!

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