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*2018-06-18 11:39 GMT+03:00 Einar Rünkaru <einarrunkaru at gmail.com
<einarrunkaru at gmail.com>>:*
> *He/She may add prefix or sufix to the name just as he/she likes.*

 He/She may delete prefix or sufix to the name.
+ I say about an option in Preferences (disabled by default) : a checkbox +
an explanation/tool tip

The program should take care of this itself by offering a text field with a
preset(template) /home/user/name_of_directory
   *name_of_directory* should have two parts:  'a user's name + the
program's abbreviation(or version№)'
User can modify and change its name but the abbreviation should be
automatically added to the name of the created directory.

That is already partially implemented in CGG: '*Create a project folder
but in fact CGG does not create a directory (AFAIU/S). A user just chooses
a directory in which the project file will be saved.
The name of this menu item does not correspond to its behavior.

Modifying automatically the name of a file is not an expected behaviour for
> an user.
> Einar

IMO These difficulties are greatly exaggerated.

Igor aka i._u.
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