[CinCV TNG] Default Transition not work

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Jun 16 18:11:33 CEST 2018

Thanks so much, but I can't test it because I usually use build version, 
and I don't want to disturb you to make a new special build for me.
If I understand well, than "Last Used Transition" becomes "Default 
Transition" in any case?
In Sam/IgorBeg version I thought that the "Default Transition" would 
have to be setting and, Drag&Drop (#1) and Attach Transition (#2) don't 
change "Default Transition".
Maybe is it to add implementation without change old workflow?


Il 16/06/2018 0.54, Phyllis Smith ha scritto:
> Just checked in Transition modification with changes as suggested by 
> Sam/IgorBeg photomontage.  Here is how it works.
> 1.) if your drag and drop a video or audio transition from the 
> Resources window, that becomes the default transition
> 2.) if you select a transition from the video/audio attach transition 
> from the video/audio pulldown, that becomes the default
> Now, #3 below is the new wrinkle:
> 3.) if you select a transition from the v/a attach transition pulldown 
> AND press the new "Set Default Transition" AND instead of clicking on 
> the green colored checkmark for OK, you hit the red colored X, the 
> default transition will be set to that selection AND no transition 
> will be added to you timeline
> 4.) however if instead of hitting the X in #3, you click OK, you get 
> the default set and the transition added to the timeline
> This implementation seemed to work best.
> Also, I can not reproduce the originally reported by IgorBeghetto 
> error of "U" reporting "No default transition found" and I tried at 
> least 10 times in 10 different ways.  Also, deleted $HOME/.bcast5 and 
> started from scratch and could not reproduce.  Also, can not reproduce 
> Ugin's reported problem of saving project, not saving the Video 
> transition "slide" after reopening.  If anyone still sees these 2 
> problems, please report and provide a kino so I can reproduce.   
> gg/phyllis
> On Tue, Jun 5, 2018 at 1:23 PM, Igor BEGHETTO <igorbeg at visi1.org 
> <mailto:igorbeg at visi1.org>> wrote:
>     I just used your workflow with drag and drop; it work fine, thanks.
>     And I agree with your suggestion (and photomontage), Sam.
>     If possible I would do this:
>     - In the Attach Transition window add a PushButton, named
>     "Default", and a label with the name of current default transition.
>     - To change the default transition I have to select a transition'
>     name by the list and than press the PushButton; the near label is
>     update with the name of new transition.
>     ( I  make little changes in your photomontage)
>     IgorBeg
>>>     Step to reproduce
>>>     (cinelerra-5.1-ub16.04-20180531.x86_64-static.txz):
>>>     1. On Program Window I select "Cut and Past editing mode",
>>>     2. In a armed Video track I select two parts of a video
>>>     (highlight region),
>>>     3. Menu ->Video -> Attach Transition...
>>>     4. In the Modal Window, I select "Dissolve" transition, and
>>>     click OK.
>>>     5. It is applied.
>>>     6. Than I select an other parts of two video (highlight region).
>>>     7. Press Shift-U (or in Menu ->Video -> Default Transition), but
>>>     nothing occur. And on bottom-left corner of Program Window
>>>     (Timeline) there is the message: "No default trasnsition found".
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