[CinCV TNG] Final phase LV2 plugins hook to cinelerra-gg

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 05:53:07 CEST 2018

If you have already been taking advantage of the LV2 plugin hooks, please
read for a change we made to the GIT repository to alleviate the problems
caused by plugins that were on a user's computer that may have been out of
date, for the wrong distro, or not working right.  Some of these were
causing SEGVs but we have no way to determine what a user has loaded.

So there is now a Preference that MUST BE SET in order to use the LV2
plugins; else they will not show up.  This will make for smooth usage by
new users and users that only occasionally use cin5.  You will have to set
the path in Settings->Preferences, Interface tab, Operation field and what
you set it to is saved between sessions.  When you change this field, cin5
will automatically restart and load the newly specified lv2 plugins.  To
see what this looks like, view the attached.  Also, when the lv2 plugins
are loading, it prints out the name on the terminal (when started from
there) so you can see what is loaded.

The default LV2 directory path will have no plugins and this will be the
default for anyone that has not changed it.  One caveat, if you have set
the environment variable, LV2_PATH, cin5 will honor this and automatically
change the path accordingly.  If you have any problems, first try to remove
the $HOME/.bcast5/Cinelerra_plugins and redo.

Also, using Glen's AVLinux April release, there is now as a standard part
of the code, a blacklist that prevents known problematic-for-cinelerra lv2
plugins from loading to avoid crashes.  If anyone comes across another
plugin that crashes, please report it so that we can add it to the

Other fixes went in today that make more of the LV2 plugins functional,
such as TAL, Infamous, OpenAV and some rkrtracker.  However, at least on
our 2 test machines, there were no glitzy UI's available for some so just
the simplistic ui is there (the UI button on the controls is ghosted out
when no glitz is there).

Test builds for debian 9 and Leap 42.3 are at:



Additionally, today's changes updated dcraw.C for raw camera images.
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