[CinCV TNG] Cinelerra and lv2 plugins problem

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 16:43:39 CEST 2018

KhazAkar,  I looked at your console output and appreciate you passing this
along because it is very helpful.

LV2 plugins loaded on each person's computer may be different sets and you
will get these error messages.
The first set of Calf lv2 plugins were checked out and all seem to work -
this was for us "proof of concept".
Today gg is working on another set of LV2 plugins to get them working also.

As progress is made in the coding, some of these messages will go away and
you will see more lv2 plugins in Resources window.
For some users, the set of lv2 plugins on their system may be so foreign to
cinelerra, that it will prevent cin5 from even starting.
In this case, the user should delete their current
$HOME/.bcast5/Cinelerra_plugins and export LV2_PATH=/tmp/junk and restart.
And then unset LV2_PATH when finished and before using Ardour or other
package that uses lv2 plugins.

In summary, we are still working on LV2 code hook-up and most likely it
will take several more weeks to stabilize.  gg/phyllis

On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 3:07 AM, KhazAkar <damianzrb at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello again! I have that log when I'm running cinelerra-gg 20180531 from
> console:
> https://pastebin.com/UtbDPBgP
> Program lanuches, but It bothers me: LV2 plugins works?
> OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is my liux distro of choice, if it helps.
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