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Wed Jun 6 10:13:12 CEST 2018

*2018-06-06 10:48 GMT+03:00 Igor BEGHETTO <igorbeg at visi1.org
<igorbeg at visi1.org>>:*
> *Thanks, Igor. Like you, Sam explained it to me very clear. Even if I'm
> using Cin-GG-5.1 for its new features, I saw Cin-HV and the behaviour is
> the same.*

 This function in CGG is partially broken (as many other its function).

rm  .bcast (for HV)
Video->Default Transition adds the default trans. 'Dissolve'

rm .bcast5 (for CGG), then try the option
*Video->Default Transition*
It does not work.
It works only after dragging a trans. from Res.

 > I have wrong. Before to write this thread, I have to read the "Original
> IgorBeg

This guide needs a lot of additions and clarifications.

Igor aka i_u
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