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> 2018-06-05 17:50 GMT+03:00 Sam <cinelerra@*posteo.de*
>> <cinelerra at posteo.de>*>**:*
>>> * With your method, Cinelerra does not remember the first transition
>>> used as default.*
Not Cinelerra at all, but only CinGG.
Open CinHV, try the options Video->Default Transition  and Video->Attach
Transition => you will see the original idea.
CVO has only *the option 'Video->Default Transition*'  and it works

rm -R .bcast (for HV)
Video->Default Transition adds the default trans. 'Dissolve'
Drag a trans. from Res.
The trans. that was dragged from Res.  receives the status 'default
Video->Default Transition   will add   it.

> *On 05.06.2018 16:10, Igor BEGHETTO wrote:*
> * I'm using dissolve transition in a single Video track with some clips on
> it. Step to reproduce (cinelerra-5.1-ub16.04-20180531.x86_64-static.txz*
> *): 1. On Program Window I select "Cut and Past editing mode", 2. In a
> armed Video track I select two parts of a video (highlight region), 3. Menu
> ->Video -> Attach Transition...*
If you want to apply a transition between the edits, you do not need to
select a region between these edits. Just place the cursor (the insertion
point) between these edits.
If the insertion point or the in point (or the highlight) is over an edit,
the beginning of the edit is covered by the transition.

Igor aka i_u
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