[CinCV TNG] Default Transition not work

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Tue Jun 5 16:50:09 CEST 2018

I can confirm this behavior. With your method, Cinelerra does not 
remember the first transition used as default.

It only works if you drag the transition from the Resources window to 
the editing point in the video or audio track. If you first drag Disolve 
directly from the Resource window as the first transition, Cinelerra 
remembers it as default.
This point could indeed be improved. I have a suggestion for that. How 
about we offer an additional check box as an option in the "Attach 
Transition" window. It would be better if the "Default Transition" is 
pressed and no default transition is selected, that you automatically 
get the "attach transition" window with the possibility to select one. I 
added a photomontage. I don't know if there's any other way, but if I'm 
wrong, please correct me.


On 05.06.2018 16:10, Igor BEGHETTO wrote:
> I'm using dissolve transition in a single Video track with some clips 
> on it.
> Step to reproduce (cinelerra-5.1-ub16.04-20180531.x86_64-static.txz):
> 1. On Program Window I select "Cut and Past editing mode",
> 2. In a armed Video track I select two parts of a video (highlight 
> region),
> 3. Menu ->Video -> Attach Transition...
> 4. In the Modal Window, I select "Dissolve" transition, and click OK.
> 5. It is applied.
> 6. Than I select an other parts of two video (highlight region).
> 7. Press Shift-U (or in Menu ->Video -> Default Transition), but 
> nothing occur. And on bottom-left corner of Program Window (Timeline) 
> there is the message: "No default trasnsition found".
> Same behaviour for the audio.
> Where I wrong?
> IgorBeg
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