[CinCV TNG] Can't disable ladspa

Yuri yuri at rawbw.com
Sat Jun 2 23:42:01 CEST 2018

On 06/02/18 12:11, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> Because we build cin5 across so many different distros, the makefile 
> has to be flexible to work for most of them and thus sometimes a 
> "force" is necessary.  In the case of libogg - ilmbase, theora, 
> vorbis, openexr and maybe even ffmpeg - expect libogg to be there.  
> Cinelerra-gg may not work as well as it should if a user builds 
> without some libraries.  Sad experience has shown
> that it is better to build in a known version (which also makes it 
> possible to debug), rather than use "some" version on a system.

On FreeBSD bundling is discouraged. Also bundling assumes that the 
package is easy to build, but most projects only build easily on Linux, 
and require patching on BSD. CinelerraGG is a great example: it doesn't 
build out of the box. I would still prefer to use the pre-installed libogg.

In CinelerraGG you use gcc in makefiles, assuming that it is installed. 
Instead, we use clang, and the right way is $(CXX). You also use 'make' 
in makefiles, assuming that make is always called 'make', when the right 
way is to use $(MAKE). I am patching all these places.

> Also, because a lot of computer people expect "autoconfigure", it is 
> part of the build process, but GG does not like it.
> The last round of modifications have left it in a sorry condition.  
> LV2 is in there twice, and we intend to drop the LV2UI option.
> There is still a bunch of pending clean up needed.   If you have 
> fixes, please let us know.
> Hope this helps get you further along, and please let us know if we 
> can help as we have always become stuck on FreeBSD.

So far I didn't succeed, it will require some more efforts.

Now it fails with:

affine.C:703:13: error: allocating an c++ `cat amd64/c_flags` 
-DMSGQUAL=performanceprefs -c performanceprefs.C -o amd64/performanceprefs.o
object of abstract class type 'AffineUnit'
         return new AffineUnit(this);
note: unimplemented pure virtual method 'Proc' in 'AffineUnit'
   virtual void Proc () = 0;


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