[CinCV TNG] 3d text (and more) in Cinelerra GG?

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Sat Jun 2 17:55:20 CEST 2018

I agree with Jonathan's statement. I wouldn't remove plugins anyway, 
because there will always be people who prefer certain plugins, although 
maybe the majority disagree. I would display them differently in the 
resources window, a kind of recommendation from the editors.  I'd hide 
the rest, but I wouldn't delete it.

I agree with WP on all points. Especially with regard to the G'MIC 
effects, I now even have strong reservations about integrating them, 
although it was my suggestion. Compared to the FFmpeg effects, the G'MIC 
effects in Natron Compositing are simply too slow. Rendering takes ages. 
Some effects would certainly complement Cinelerra very well, but I fear 
that the easy user will look for the blame for the slowness at 
Cinelerra, as at G'MIC. As long as the speed does not increase 
significantly, I'm afraid the effort of integration in Cinelerra will 
not be worthwhile, because they are simply not used by the users.

A direct interface to Blender would of course be absolutely great. I'd 
bury my creative cloud. ;-)


On 02.06.2018 17:31, W P wrote:
> After the discussion about gmic plugins and the potential 
> implementation of some popular ones, I went to the gmic website and 
> looked at the gallery. Some plugins are more photo-related so I don't 
> think they would fit well in Cinelerra, others are duplicates of what 
> we already have, and then I saw the "text3d" plugin 
> https://gmic.eu/gallery/3drendering_full_13.jpg.
> As the name suggests it allow to make 3d texts. At first I thought it 
> would be cool to have it implemented in cinelerra, but then I 
> remembered that there is another opensource video editor which (afaik, 
> because I was never able to try in the past) does the same thing but 
> it is way more powerful.
> I am talking about OpenShot which since 2010 let the user create cool 
> and easy-to-use 3d effects, which include 3d text, but also stuff like 
> snow. I thought it would be very useful to have because it makes easy 
> to deal with 3d stuff which are usually very difficult. It comes with 
> a preset of 3d objects which the user can use and that in the 
> youtube-era are very popular (3d text, animated text for intros) in 
> the video. The most interesting part, which makes it more powerful 
> than gmic plugin, is that such feature is connected to blender, for 
> on-the-fly changes for expert users (like we do with svg and inkscape).
> Here is the page with some explaination and examples: 
> https://www.openshot.org/static/files/user-guide/titles.html and here 
> is a youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmPTNpjWpzk .
> I am not an OpenShot user and for what I remember it tended to crash 
> very often, and it is nowhere comparable to cinelerra. I thought it 
> would be nice to hear the opinion of the community and the devs, and 
> see if this could would be an appreciated and more importantly doable 
> (OpenShot is written in python and is GPL3 but I have no idea whether 
> there is a way to fit it in cin) feature, or not.
> Wp.
> WP.
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