[CinCV TNG] New builds for Cin-GG to include Leap 15 and Ubuntu 18 but...

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 04:49:50 CEST 2018

The new builds for Cin-GG are now available.  But we spent most of the
month working on a hook up for the LV2 Calf plugins and upgrading the build
machine operating systems with a lot of dead ends and not as much testing
as we would have liked to do.  REMEMBER, if you have problems with the new
builds, you can always re-install using old_pkgs or old_tars at:


Below are a copy of the release notes.

5.1  Release Notes for changes from 05/01/2018 to 05/31/2018 for these

1. Calf LV2 Audio plugins (about 45 of them) have been hooked in using a
simplified text gui or a
    glitzy supplied ui from the lv2 plugin programmer.  Other LV2 plugins
may or may not work also.
    IMPORTANT - the lv2 plugins are not included with Cinelerra but rather
must be installed by the
    user on their own computer – besides Calf Studio Plugins, you may also
have to install lilv and GTK.
    If installed the plugins will be displayed in the Resources Audio
Effects window as long as Visibility
    has “lv2” checked.  For the first time, you may have to remove
$HOME/Cinelerra_plugins to get the
    plugins loaded and there is a new Settings->Preferences flag to
automatically start the lv2 gui along
    with the standard simplified ui.  More information in Features5.pdf.
2. Ubuntu 18 build has been added and ub17 will no longer be updated.
Leap/Suse 15 also has been
    added to eventually replace version 14.  Other distros have been
updated to include Debian, Mint 18,
    Arch, Fedora...  Thanks to users who pointed out new versions and
provided links to new ISOs.
3. Usability Improvements:
    Additional ffmpeg icons supplied by Sam for the new 4.0 plugins were
added in (thanks!)
    Ffmpeg plugins now have a slider bar and pot dial for more easily
changing numerical values for
       highlighted parameters.  Non-numerics still require typing of the
value and pressing Apply button
       (idea originated from a recommendation by WPFilmaker to make these
plugins more usable).
4. Bugs/Issues Fixed:
    OpenCV lib path fix for Mint 17 and Ubuntu 14 32/64-bit.
    Bug found after installing ubuntu 18 for audio waveform background.
    Ladspa code has been cleaned up some.
    Bluray media shell job has had the default buffer size of 2048 hard
coded as default.
    An automatic workaround for elision error problem on intel computers
resolved with rpath.
    An uninitialized defaults in using the Render Farm which caused a crash
on Leap 15 is now fixed.
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