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Some feedback:

On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 4:19 PM edouard chalaron <e.chalaron at xtra.co.nz>

> I had it on a compiled git version of cin-cv .. so unless it has been
> removed, which I am not aware of, it should be somewhere in the GIT from
> cin-cv
> Having said that .. get your renderfarm ready, it is slow
> Ed is right.  Unfortunately "it is costly" because it does not interface
very well with cinelerra.  It also takes a long time to compile - more than
20 seconds for a plugin, like GreyCStoration.  Sam, if you want to see how
one of these work, go to your cin_path, plugins directory and edit Makefile
to move the commented out greystation up to underneath theme_unflat without
the comment.  Then in that same diretory, type "make" and watch how long it
takes to compile.   Next time you start up cinelerra, it will load the
GreyCStoration plugin and you can test it.

change plugins/Makefile near line 156:
after line:
        theme_unflat \
add line:
        greycstoration \

should look like:
        theme_unflat \
        greycstoration \

# too costly
#       findobject \
#       greycstoration \
# not finished
#       denoisemjpeg \

If it is something that you know you can use, describe the parts you want
Notice that the findobject plugin once was also too costly, but now it is

In a test Phyllis did, a 22 second 1920x1080 video with 6 audio tracks, it
played on the timeline in 22 seconds but with GreyCStoration, it took 36
seconds and took a long time to get started as it was buffering up.  While
rendering, it is predicted to take 1 1/2 hours.

> On 30.05.2018 17:33, W P wrote:
> Gmic has some really good effects. About the number of plugins I feel at
> some point the community should start looking for duplicates and remove
> unnecessary duplicates. No other video editor has so many plugins installed
> by default (afak) and I think quality should be preferred over quantity. Or
> you just end up using the same few plugins and never try the others. Maybe
> a list of unique gmic plugins could be made and added to cinelerra?
> The good news is that the recently added audio Calf LV2 plugins are
self-contained and separate from cinelerra so they don't take up space and
are not even seen if not installed on the user's own computer.  The
original Video plugins may be in older projects so it would be hard to say
which ones could be eliminated - except for the Deinterlace ones! - and
ffmpeg is so prevalent today, I would hate to see any of those gone.  There
aren't very many audio effects that were native to the original cinelerra
so that is why Ladspa was added which has quite a few, though apparently
some not very useful - but which ones? - I do not know.

> 30.05.2018, 16:06, "Sam" <cinelerra at posteo.de> <cinelerra at posteo.de>:
> For some time now I have also been working with Natron Compositing for
> special effects. For editing a video I use almost exclusively Cinelerra.
> In Natron Compositing there are the G'MIC video effects. I am very
> excited about these effects. The FFMpeg effects are great, but some
> effects only exist in G'MIC, like special light, shadow, 3D and drawing
> effects. According to the G'MIC website, the library should be
> relatively easy to integrate. The file is only 5 MB in size. I think
> this package would complement Cinelerra very well and emphasize the
> professional approach. I don't know how the integration into Cinelerra
> would be possible, but Natron Compositing has succeeded very well.
> However, there are some really nice G'mic plugins and I was intrigued by
the names that I read awhile back - especially 3D which would be fun to
try.  If anyone has a particular favorite that they will use a lot, I could
try a different method to port them to cin5 as time permits.

Just a note here, the original suggestion to add the LV2 Calf plugins was
last November so you can see how the request list and things to do is
growing and it takes awhile for implementation.     GG/pys
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