[CinCV TNG] [impr] GMIC effects

edouard chalaron e.chalaron at xtra.co.nz
Thu May 31 00:49:49 CEST 2018

On top of my mind, its not multithreaded. And usually applies to 1
frame.Therefore waiting for 1 min for a frame is not a major deal, when
you have 1000 of them ... that's where it's start to hurt.Now having
said that, Renderfarm could be an option, or run at night. But for a
live session , not so much.
Again .. there is nothing urgent only people in a rush :-DCheersE
On Thu, 2018-05-31 at 00:45 +0200, Sam wrote:
>     Thanks for the additional information. The working speed of the
>       GMIC effects is indeed slow, which I also experience at Natron
>       Compositing. My idea was just a wish for the future. There are
>       probably more important tasks to be done at the moment. But
> it's
>       good to know that there were existing solutions that can be
> used
>       in the future.
>     Sam
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