[CinCV TNG] [impr] GMIC effects

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Wed May 30 17:06:29 CEST 2018

For some time now I have also been working with Natron Compositing for 
special effects. For editing a video I use almost exclusively Cinelerra. 
In Natron Compositing there are the G'MIC video effects. I am very 
excited about these effects. The FFMpeg effects are great, but some 
effects only exist in G'MIC, like special light, shadow, 3D and drawing 
effects. According to the G'MIC website, the library should be 
relatively easy to integrate. The file is only 5 MB in size. I think 
this package would complement Cinelerra very well and emphasize the 
professional approach. I don't know how the integration into Cinelerra 
would be possible, but Natron Compositing has succeeded very well. 
Probably the FFmpeg parameter window would be able to use itself for the 
G'MIC library without major problems. It would have the great advantage 
that Cinelerra combines almost all major free video/image effect 
libraries. This would give us about 450 new visual effects in one go, 
but some of these effects are identical to the FFmpeg effects. You are 
welcome to test these effects in Natron Compositiong.

It's just an idea I'd like to share with you, with a possible foresight 
into the future. ;-)

Here the website: https://gmic.eu/libgmic.shtml


P.S.:  I also use these effects in Gimp, by the way.


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