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Fri May 25 18:34:39 CEST 2018

Ugin and others!

Maximum number of characters in title (cinelerra: resources - video effects
> - title) - 3071. It is not enough. Is it possible to significantly increase
> the number?
> Cinelerra (all versions) use fixed buffers for keyframe data.  In cin5 it
has a limit of 4K (4096).  In the Titler -- some of that space is taken by
plugin parameters, leaving 3K for the actual title.  In addition, many
different symbols and foreign languages use the equivalent of 2 characters
for each letter which also cuts down on the actual usable number of

The only way to increase the available number (practically unlimited!) is
to change the program code to use c++ "strings" instead of fixed buffers,
which was not designed in from years ago.  Changing to "strings" would
involve at least 1 month's of hard work by a developer.  GG has had this on
a long list of "to do" projects but has been unable to find the time to get
it done AND it would be quite open to errors that would most likely only be
discovered by users (as opposed to us).

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