[CinCV TNG] Provide an user friendly gui for ffmpeg plugins? (GG Cin)

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Wed May 16 22:57:06 CEST 2018

I think the idea with the sliders in the FFmpeg window is very good. It 
would be a clear relief. I have a little suggestion. I thought about it 
and created a sample graphic. It's just an idea how to make the window a 
little clearer and easier.

It would be also very great if the web page link would be visible in the 
window, so that you can read the exact description of the plugin.
I would also add two more columns to the table to display the 
description and the type of option.
With these small extensions you can see at a glance which settings are 


On 16.05.2018 20:33, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> Hi, wpfilmaker, haven't heard from you in awhile.  A titanic task is 
> really what it is -- as you would know just from having done the 
> documentation for each of the ffmpeg plugins.  This would make a great 
> class project at University!  There are also still several of the 
> ffmpeg plugins that are commented out because there are no default 
> initial parameter values making them non-operational.  An email was 
> sent quite awhile back requesting this from the ffmpeg group but got 
> no response.
> A slight improvement might be built in as is available for LV2 plugins 
> in the future.  There is a sample.png attached which shows the simple 
> numbers and above these, but below the top textbox where the number 
> 36.000000 is keyed in, is a dial (technically a pot - potentiometer) 
> and a slider bar that allows you to easily, interactively change the 
> highlighted option's value which takes affect immediately.  GG will 
> look into whether or not this is feasible for the ffmpeg plugins.    
> Phyllis
> On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 9:45 AM, W P <wpfilmmaker at yandex.com 
> <mailto:wpfilmmaker at yandex.com>> wrote:
>     At the moment ffmpeg plugns (I don't know about the new ones being
>     implemented these days) have a standard gui which requires the
>     user to insert numbers, rather than using buttons like normal
>     plugins. This is very complicated most of the users with the
>     result, I suspect, that most users don't even try them simply
>     because they are confused by the interface, which is a pity
>     because some plugins are really powerful. I know that making a gui
>     for each of those plugins would be a titanic job but couldn't the
>     gui be "recycled" for other plugins? So that only a few gui would
>     be created from scratch serving all of the plugins?
>     WP
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