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So I see a variety of proposals, let me see if I have this right..

1. GG proposes including the LV2 plugins right in Cinelerra like the
LADSPA ones already included...

2. Sam proposes having Cinelerra able to transport lock with Ardour
and use Ardour to host the LV2 plugins... note that this cannot be
done with ALSA if you want master and slave transport with Ardour
those features are only available in the JACK Audio server and all of
the development infrastructure is there with JACK, it is designed to
sync transport with other JACK-aware applications. 

3. I think what Olaf is saying (and what I also think) is that if
Cinelerra has LV2 support then it should use the LV2 plugins on the
system already, most large distribution have at least some LV2 plugins
in their package management systems that the user can install. I
personally don't think it is GG's responsibility to fix buggy plugins
by other developers. As an example Ardour is a Digital Audio
Workstation that supports LADSPA, LinuxVST and LV2 plugins if a
particular plugin behaves badly the Ardour developers don't fix it
because the fault lies in the plugin not Ardour... now they may get
backtraces and help the plugin developer locate the issues that need
fixing but the fixing is up to the plugin devs... 

My opinion is and my guess is 90% of users probably don't even use
LADSPA plugins with Cinelerra for Audio correction and would find that
daunting enough... while I agree that syncing transport and
interfacing with Ardour would offer VERY powerful Audio editing
capabilities to a few power users you are asking people to be well
enough aquainted with Cin to first of all be tech savvy enough to
learn Audio processing in Cin itself and THEN become comfortable with
using a completely new Audio server 'JACK' which doesn't play nice
with PulseAudio without special configuration and THEN learn how to
use Ardour which is a phenomenal DAW but certainly far above the
attention span of most people wanting to casually edit a video...

As I mentioned I think a small number of users with bother with Audio
processing at all, I think it is a more probable leap for those who
want to extend the Audio processing capabilities of Cin to use the LV2
plugins within Cin itself without having to connect and sync with JACK
and Ardour. I also think the LV2's should NOT be bundled in Cin and
misbehaving LV2 plugins that are not the fault of Cin's LV2 hosting
capabilities are certainly not GG's problem to fix...

Just my 2 cents...


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 If such a test were technically feasible, it would be a good solution

 for Cinelerra and the users.

 I tend to create an interface to Ardour via Jack or ALSA. As you say,

 Ardour has a lot of possibilities and a working GUI. The automatic
 plugin test in Cinelerra would not be necessary because they would be

 outsourced and covered by Ardour.  All LV2 plugins could be
 via Ardour. It's just an idea of mine if it would be technically 
 feasible the developers have to decide.

 Good Guy can certainly say more on this subject.


 On 14.05.2018 10:05, Olaf wrote:
 > You guys seem to misunderstand me. I hope it's just the
 > I don't (!) expect Cinelerra to include every single LV2 plugin in
the development and to modify it manually. The plugins usually come in
large packages (like Debian), there is something for everyone. I
haven't tried many of them yet. Setting an "LV2_PATH={directory of
"good" LV2 plugins}" would mean that the user has root privileges and
re-sorts the package maintainer's given paths. Why should the user do
this - provided the user is able to do so - when Ardour (in
conjunction with Xjadeo) is already a comfortable graphical tool for
sound recording and post-processing of films?
 > Frankly, I don't understand why you guys want to make life
difficult for yourselves. A simple test at runtime, i.e. during the
start, true to the motto: "work / doesn't work" is perfectly
sufficient. The plugin that doesn't work (with Cinelerra) is simply
discarded. That's all I expect, I think that's quite enough.
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