[CinCV TNG] Audio VST plugins

Olaf cinmail at womentie.de
Mon May 14 15:00:26 CEST 2018

Am 14.05.2018 schrieb Sam:

> If such a test were technically feasible, it would be a good solution for
> Cinelerra and the users.

I am not a developer, but as a user I consider it questionable to
make the entire operability of the editing system dependent on the
nature of some additional external plugins. If this is realized, a
look at the error handling of existing applications might be
helpful. Or a switch that generally prevents integration at
startup. As an emergency nail, so to speak.

> I tend to create an interface to Ardour via Jack or ALSA. As you say, Ardour
> has a lot of possibilities and a working GUI. The automatic LV2 plugin test
> in Cinelerra would not be necessary because they would be outsourced and
> covered by Ardour.  All LV2 plugins could be integrated via Ardour. It's
> just an idea of mine if it would be technically feasible the developers have
> to decide.

I agree with that. In addition, these plug-ins take us into areas
that are usually reserved for sound engineers. An interface to
Ardour and, as mentioned above, to Natron would be an enrichment for
multi-talents and a relief for the cutter.


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