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Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Sat May 12 11:22:25 CEST 2018

I confirm that LV2 support was primarily introduced for the Calf 
plugins.  In the first step it was not the intention to support all 
available LV2 plugins. With a brand-new feature, you have to assume that 
not everything always works properly anyway. Nevertheless, this new 
feature is absolutely great, because the Calf plugins are indescribably 

As generally the monthly editions of Cinelerra are sufficiently tested.  
The almost daily tests are carried out by volunteer testers like myself 
or the many other power users. Usually serious bugs are detected 
immediately and usually fixed within a few days. I believe that this 
type of division of tasks has proved its worth over the past 
months/years. Many users have commented positively on this approach, as 
it has added many new and good features. Despite the many volunteers, it 
is unfortunately unavoidable that some bugs are discovered late due to 
the complexity of the software. I would be happy if we could keep this 
approach in favor of new and improved features.


On 11.05.2018 19:17, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> OLAF: some feedback and a patch for your SWH (Steve Harris) LV2 
> plugins such as the bandpass in the dmp you sent:
>   <signal handler called> () at /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0
>   #3  0x00007fd35cd21dbc in  () at 
> /usr/lib/lv2/bandpass_a_iir-swh.lv2/plugin-linux.so
> We loaded those LV2 plugins onto his development computer, found the 
> following in the README, and made a patch:
>     This is an early experimental port of my LADSPA plugins to the LV2
>     specification, c.f. http://lv2plug.in/ . It's still quite early
>     days, but most
>     things should work as well or not as they did in LADSPA.
> A patch to Cinelerra to guard against a zero value incorrectly passed 
> by balance.c was checked into cin5 yesterday:
>     The message is related to: http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/balance
>     <http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/balance>
>     Balace is an otherwise fully functional plugin (jalv.gtk or
>     jalv.gtk --control bypass=1).
> The original goal was to only have the Calf LV2 plugins tested and had 
> no plans to debug the hundreds of LV2 plugins that may already be 
> present on every person's / every distro's system - that is not even 
> practical.  BIG WARNING - if you run cin5 and use other libraries and 
> those libraries crash, you could lose work so have to be prepared at 
> any time for that to happen.  You can work around any LV2 plugins that 
> may have bugs in them by setting LV2_PATH={directory of "good" LV2 
> plugins}.  So:
>     Quote from gg: I have only tried "calf" so far.  There are a bunch
>     of them.
> After gg gets new code going and initially tested, he moves it to my 
> laptop for me to test but after 2 years of doing so, I am still really 
> new at it so the tests I do may be lame or I don't even know how to 
> test.  And we have found that "real" users do things differently than 
> we do (we are computer people, not video-philes or audio-philes).
>     Somehow I don't like the fact that Cinelerra leaves any
>     peculiarity or test to the user. But I'm sure that will change,
>     won't it?
> We have a choice -- either stop and test every single change for 4 
> weeks, or continue to modernize Cinelerra by adding missing or 
> requested new features.  I think when the code is up to current 
> capabilities, there will be nothing left to do but test and so "that 
> will change!" However, we absolutely make sure that any bugs or segv's 
> that can be reproduced here are fixed as quickly as possible.
> gg/Phyllis
> == build
> cd <bld-path>
> rm -rf swh-lv2
> git clone https://github.com/moddevices/swh-lv2.git
> cd swh-lv2
> git apply < lv2_swh.patch
> make clean
> make -j10 CFLAGS=-ggdb
> rm -rf ./usr
> make install-system INSTALL_DIR=`pwd`/usr/local/lv2
> LV2_PATH=`pwd`/usr/local/lv2 gdb <cin-path>/cin
> PS. only a few seem to work.
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