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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed May 9 16:35:56 CEST 2018

Update on LV2 plugins for cin5 follows.

I noticed the following with the new Calf plugins. The parameter windows of
> the Calf plugins are not resizable.

This morning's GIT checkin fixed the resizing.

> Thanks for the explanation. I think Cinelerra will gain even more
> popularity. Cinelerra has not had the best reputation in the past, but the
> constant improvements have finally made it better known that it is making a
> seriously positive development. Maybe this will lead to some developers in
> the future. Especially when the new, more modern user interface is ready.
> The new user interface looks really good. Unfortunately it takes much
> longer than planned, because there are extremely many pictures.
> That is indeed the problem -- trying to change the current user interface
OR hook up an interface that was developed over many years can not be done
in a short period of time.

> I wouldn't develop a rudimentary GUI, that takes a lot of time again. I
> might have a better suggestion. Especially for LV2 I would create an
> interface to Jack Audio Server. This means to forward the audio output from
> Cinelerra to Jack. I think that would work already, because in the audio
> settings there is the option to send the audio output to OSS. The Jack
> server can pick up this output and forward it to the Calf plugins. By Calf
> Plugin I mean the external Calf Jack Host. I can forward a Cinelerra audio
> track to the external Calf plugin and listen to it. Change it with this
> external calf plugin. As far as I have seen this external Calf plugin saves
> the values as XML file even with the correct name of the respective Calf
> plugin, for example Calf Compressor plugin. The Cinelerra Calf plugin could
> pick up these values. I don't know if it would even be possible to directly
> synchronize the Cinelerra Calf plugins with the external Calf plugins via
> the Jack Audio Server. I would recommend creating an interface to Jack in
> the future anyway. This gives us undreamt-of new opportunities in the
> future. We could probably even connect Ardour about it. As an example, each
> Cinelerra audio channel could optionally be opened as a midi channel to the
> Jack server. This solution would have the advantage to connect the plugins
> only with the external programs, thus no own GUI's have to be programmed
> for the plugins. The Calf Jack Host GUI looks absolutely great.
> Well, gg and I looked all over the internet for some way to hook up the
Calf GUI's to have the above capability, but to no avail.  So for now we
are tabling this effort with the hope that future ideas or help arrives.

> I can put the calf plugins on the audio track, but I can only enter the
>> values manually, without the graphical calf interface. Is it possible to
>> start the Calf interface? Especially the well-designed Calf Studio
>> interface makes working much easier. Some of these new plugins are useless
>> without a graphical interface.
> Until some information/documentation becomes available, not going to be
able to do this.  But it took less than 1 hour to add a pot and slider bar
so that when you highlight a specific parameter, you can change its value
right away.  That works differently than the text box where you have to key
in a value and then press "apply" before it takes effect.

The current code will be usable only by users who do their own builds WITH
the proper libraries (liblilv and Calf) are installed.  The monthly builds
will no have the option unless someone specifically requests it with the
idea that it is usable in the current form.

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