[CinCV TNG] Mixer Viewer / Multiple Cameras with proxy

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sun May 6 12:07:28 CEST 2018

I tested better Mixer Viewer...
following the instruction on file cinelerra-5.1_doc_Features5.pdf 
"Special Features Manual for Cinelerra 5.1" (Last update 04/28/2018), 
chapter 43, section "But, I want to use only the first set of audio 
tracks...", page 191 (probably, the texts in page 189 is lack and the 
page 190 is empty):

To create a list of mixer viewers:
1) Setup the session settings -> format, width, height, frame rate, 
color model, aspect ratio.
2) Create dst tracks using the a/v track pulldowns (or use shortcuts 't' 
/ 'T'),  armed and playable.
3) Append src tracks using file ->open -> append tracks, or the resource 
window using pasting.
4) Using the track patchbay, disarm editing and disable playback of the 
a/v src tracks.
5) Using the track patchbay, mark the new tracks as "mixer" source to be 
added to the viewer.
6) Create a mixer viewer using the main menu pulldown, or the shift "M" 
7) Repeat steps 3 -- 6 for each mixer viewer needed for the session editing.

My test: Four Mixer Viewer and Master track
1) [...]
2) [...] Create dst track "Master"
3) [...] Add four Video tracks under one top "Master" Video Track, and 
then I rename the labels of the video tracks to see:
- Master
- V1
- V2
- V3
- V4
3.a) Load four videos in Media
3.b) Drag and drop from Media to video tracks V1, V2,..., V4
4) [...] Using the track patchbay, disarm editing and disable playback 
of the V1...V4 tracks.
4.a) Enable proxy (and waiting for "Creating proxy files...")
5) [...] ...and I see the "right arrow" icon changed to "up arrow" icon 
to advise me it is "engaged" to be added to the Mixer Viewer (not still 
6) [...]  ...the mixer viewer is "linked" to video track with "up arrow" 
7) [...] (in my example I have to load the file before to create proxy, 
more or less)

8) When I finished with mixers, I disable proxy and the Mixer Viewers 
are closed (should be fine not closed but "regenerated" with new geometry?)

It's very, very powerful!!!
Thanks so much for the excellent Manual and Developers.


Ps: If I change the label of a tracks, its own Mixer Viewer'name is not 
updated. Is it right?


On Sat, May 5, 2018 at 3:35 AM, Sam wrote:
Oops, my bad. Phyllis, thank you for the clarification.

On 05.05.2018 19:01, Phyllis Smith wrote:
This is a bug!  Open Mixer is supposed to use proxy and is one of the 
major advantages of that and was even suggested in Features5 to do that. 
   GG will work on this as soon as he can get to it.  Thank you for 
bringing it up as it did work originally but somehow along the way, 
fixing other aspects messed it up.

    On 05.05.2018 10:07, Igor BEGHETTO wrote:
    I tested also the "Open Mixer" Viewer but it not use proxy.

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