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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat May 5 12:12:04 CEST 2018

Interesting!  GG has not had time to look at this yet to determine
feasibility, but I will let you know if/what he thinks about this.  He is
currently looking at the LV2 plugins to determine if there is any way to
get them hooked into cin5.    GG/Phyllis

On Sat, May 5, 2018 at 3:35 AM, Sam <cinelerra at posteo.de> wrote:

> I've come up with another advantage. A really big advantage with the
> context menu for single clips is that I can apply video transitions and
> effects over several clips at the same time. Usually I first cut my video
> material and put it in the correct order, then I add the video transitions,
> but in Cinelerra always for each individual cut mark. In Kdenlive I mark
> the clips and put a video transition over several clips. This option saves
> an enormous amount of time and is very convenient. As you can also see in
> my new demonstration, I don't have to lock any video tracks at all. I
> simply mark the clips I want to edit and edit them. This makes it
> unnecessary to lock the tracks over and over again. This makes working in
> Kdenlive and Permiere more intuitive and saves a lot of time. Especially
> with larger projects, locking and unlocking the individual tracks is very
> time-consuming. The lock action is only a few seconds, but for large
> projects this action multiplies to several minutes. The context menu and
> the possibility to mark single video clips or even several video clips at
> the same time raise the handling to a whole new level. In my demo you can
> see how easy it is to edit the individual clips.
> https://streamable.com/e5cct
> Sam
> On 04.05.2018 21:21, Sam wrote:
>> After felt hundreds of improvements for Cinlerra I have to admit, the
>> software is already really good, but there is one thing that still bothers
>> me. Compared to 90% of other video editing software, Cinelerra has one
>> major shortcoming. That I can't select individual video or audio pieces in
>> the timeline with a single mouse click. In Kdenlive/Premiere etc. I click
>> on a video clip in the timeline and this video clip is then marked with a
>> red frame. If I now press the delete button, only this clip will be
>> deleted. A right click on this red marked clip shows me a context menu,
>> which gives me several additional options. It bothers me that every time I
>> have to lock the other video tracks to work undisturbed in one track, when
>> I switch tracks I have to unlock the other tracks again and lock the
>> current one. This feature is good, but not enough to allow fast intuitive
>> working. It would be great if there could be an alignment of this
>> elementary important feature to the other video editing software, because
>> it is quasi standard in the other editing programs.
>> What I noticed is that when I move a video clip in the timeline (in
>> Cinelerra), it automatically creates a colored frame. It would be desirable
>> if this frame were activated with a single left click and thus a context
>> menu would also be available with a right click.
>> I know Cinelerra works a little different than the other video editing
>> software and it's probably a lot of work, but I think the effort would be
>> worth it, because it gives us completely new possibilities and the handling
>> should be known and intuitive and is actually standard.
>> I added a video of Kdenlive to show what I mean by that. The context menu
>> certainly does not have to be as extensive as Kdenlive's, but a simple menu
>> would be helpful.
>> https://streamable.com/u84ng
>> Sam
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