[CinCV TNG] [impr] context menu for single clips

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Fri May 4 21:21:46 CEST 2018

After felt hundreds of improvements for Cinlerra I have to admit, the 
software is already really good, but there is one thing that still 
bothers me. Compared to 90% of other video editing software, Cinelerra 
has one major shortcoming. That I can't select individual video or audio 
pieces in the timeline with a single mouse click. In Kdenlive/Premiere 
etc. I click on a video clip in the timeline and this video clip is then 
marked with a red frame. If I now press the delete button, only this 
clip will be deleted. A right click on this red marked clip shows me a 
context menu, which gives me several additional options. It bothers me 
that every time I have to lock the other video tracks to work 
undisturbed in one track, when I switch tracks I have to unlock the 
other tracks again and lock the current one. This feature is good, but 
not enough to allow fast intuitive working. It would be great if there 
could be an alignment of this elementary important feature to the other 
video editing software, because it is quasi standard in the other 
editing programs.

What I noticed is that when I move a video clip in the timeline (in 
Cinelerra), it automatically creates a colored frame. It would be 
desirable if this frame were activated with a single left click and thus 
a context menu would also be available with a right click.
I know Cinelerra works a little different than the other video editing 
software and it's probably a lot of work, but I think the effort would 
be worth it, because it gives us completely new possibilities and the 
handling should be known and intuitive and is actually standard.
I added a video of Kdenlive to show what I mean by that. The context 
menu certainly does not have to be as extensive as Kdenlive's, but a 
simple menu would be helpful.



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