[CinCV TNG] CGG new pkgs and tars available using FFmpeg 4.0

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 22:39:46 CEST 2018

Cin5 new pkgs and tars are at:


Tars are build with OpenCV so will have the upgraded FindObj, and new
StylizeObj + PuzzleObj plugins by default.  Pkgs are not built with OpenCV
but you can extract them from that distro's tars.   Below is a copy of the
latest release notes which are also at the above mentioned website as
releasenotes.pdf .

*5.1 **Release Notes for changes from **0**4**/**01**/201**8** to **0**4*
*/3**0**/20**18* *for these builds*

0. REMINDER - Undo has a limitation of 250.

1. Ffmpeg has been updated to version 4.0 and there are 9 new working
plugins (irclog notification).

2. OpenCV library has been upgraded. This is an optional feature for some and
is already built into the

64-bit tars but not the pkgs. However, for pkgs you can grab the tarball
for your distro, extract the

plugins and add them in. See Features5.pdf 37.14.2 for detailed

Additional Stylize OpenCV plugin added as an option which takes the video
and varies it in ways to

make it cartoon-like, edge-preserve, pencil-sketch, detail-enhanced, or
stylized. There is also a

new PuzzleObj plugin.

Findobject OpenCV plugin has some useful enhancements and improvements;
drag boxes, a third

column for the replacement object, new checkboxes of reset, draw match,
aspect, translate, rotate,

scale, replace dx/dy, draw replace border, 5 modes, and thicker lines.

OpenCV fixes include fixing Object blend amount in findobject; removing
libipp which was not

debuggable but could cause a Segv; and fixing the clean/make.

3. Libx265 has been upgraded to 2.7 (irclog notification).

4. *Usability Improvements:*

Shortcuts in the Compositor have been added which use F1-F12 keys instead
of the mouse and the

html documentation in Shell Scripts updated (Sam request). Added ‘b’ for
load backup shortcut.

A Drag Widget checkbox has been created which replaces the drag box that
was already in the Title

plugin. This will make it easy to add drag boxes in the future for other

Load filter has been added for png, jpg, gif, tiff and webm added to mkv
(webm is subset of mkv).

Reworked plugin Visibility table to only ffmpeg, ladspa, video, audio, and

The Ruler in the Compositor window now has a Deltas field for dx and dy.

New Project menu has had the addition of file path and project name added
for future use.

5. *Bugs/Issues fixed:*

Memory leak in Set Format has been fixed; some uninitialized variables are
now initialized.

Fixed undo bug when nested clips are involved (Sam reported).

Wheel usage for redraws on the timeline (and probably other areas) has been
fixed (Sam email).

Audio/Video Transitions were missed when switched to saving all in english
but now fixed (Olaf).

Plugin Autos in Show Overlays renamed to Plugin Keyframes to make it more

SVG via Inkscape had 2 problems with showing and rendering the results but
now fixed (Olaf note).

Fixed problem of Drag incorrectly consuming an event in the compositor

Problem of 250 undo limitation caused memory munge (found by preobraz).

Shmmni/shmmax had to be changed to not make the numbers smaller if already

Title drop shadow smoothing fixed on fraction boundaries.

Wide characters in the Ruler in the compositor window have been corrected.

Auto play in Viewer for audio now replays when reaches the end. This
occurred in at least Leap.

Small code rework and other very minor bugs have been fixed as encountered.
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