[CinCV TNG] [impr] Request; key frames for projector and camera automation

Good Guy good1.2guy at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 00:42:19 CEST 2018

> I prefer to work with shortcuts, would it be possible to assign the F11 or
> ALT + P key for resetting the projector and the F12 or ALT + C key for the
> camera? Other key combinations are also possible.  It would improve the
> handling, because I can then remain directly in the timeline without having
> to open the context menu of the compositor with a right click. Especially
> with many zoom actions and moving the projector position it would be a big
> advantage.

Sam, F11 and F12 shortcuts for reset camera/projector have just been
checked into GIT.

ALSO, the Ruler in the compositor has been improved to include DX, DY.
AND, the Compositor buttons now automatically bring up the corresponding
Info window.  Because "why not", it has to be done anyway.  If anyone finds
a reason why this is inconvenient please let us know but we can't think of
any reason and you can still get rid of the popup.  gg/Phyllis
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