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Also at the risk of sounding a little arrogant now, but anyone who seriously does film editing or music production, just to show the kinship, creates a project first. After all, the only way to prevent data loss is to save it in good time. I think we have all had to learn that over the years.

So it is not even possible with some professional programs, to just go and work on it. The user has to go the way of creating a project, example Ardour and Lightworks[1]. However, this does not necessarily apply to Cinelerra, so the path on the settings tab could be used as a fallback project folder. Whether this points to $HOME/.bcast5, $HOME/.cache/bcast5 or elsewhere is not so important in my opinion, because it can be determined by the user as before. Kdenlive for example offers a custom project folder setting in addition to this fallback solution when creating a project, which also stores generated proxy clips and other generated previews.

But I would like to see it in the long run if every project basically contains all the data generated by the project, all XML and backups included. The structure of Cinelerra's Resources could be taken into account during project preparation, by creating and using subdirectories for generated snapshots and proxies(!). Nevertheless, the existing possibility of importing media from other directories should not be prevented. 

Attached a first quick photomontage, how that could look like.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRYNAvZJawQ "Lightworks 11, creating a project" – For clarification only, Ardour works similarly here, it starts a project browser in which the project directory and the project name must be specified - only then does it continue.

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