[CinCV TNG] Project-related snapshot path

Olaf cinmail at womentie.de
Sun Apr 15 22:42:41 CEST 2018

Currently, all snapshots are saved in the directory specified in the settings under "Snapshot path". This has advantages but also disadvantages.

For example, snapshots from all projects are stored there. Identifying them by their data names can be difficult if you want to archive them with the project. Example: "snap_20180415-221440.png" - any recognizable reference to the origin is missing. At first I thought I didn't need snapshots permanently, so I used a directory that is automatically cleaned up after a week of non-use. But that wasn't such a good idea, the snapshots were lost forever.

To create discernible order and to avoid one overflowing directory, I think it would make sense to save snapshots directly in the respective project directory. 

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