[CinCV TNG] [glitch] hiding plugins from the timeline

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Sat Apr 14 23:37:51 CEST 2018

Cool, I wouldn't have thought of that. I thought it was only possible 
with the other buttons, but not with the row expander. I learned 
something new.

I tried to compile the latest version, but it fails again because of the 
OpenCV plugins, without the OpenCV it works. Did you possibly save the 
plugin somewhere?

I use the following command:

./configure --prefix=/usr --with-opencv=sta

Is it so correct?


On 14.04.2018 23:21, Phyllis Smith wrote:
>     The name "Plugin Keyframes" definitely makes more sense. It
>     describes exactly what it shows, the keyframes of the plugins.
> The above has been renamed from Plugin Autos to Plugin Keyframes which 
> is more self-explanatory.
>     Wouldn't another option make sense where I can hide all plugins at
>     once? That would make sense because I can hide all the other
>     elements of the timeline at once, such as the assets, the title,
>     etc. Because I was looking for that option, but I couldn't find
>     it. I think it's great that I can hide the plugins of the
>     individual tracks, but I wanted to hide all plugins at once in my
>     big project to get a better overview
> It is already easier to do this without having to bring up Show 
> Overlays.  The button that you press in the patchbay to turn off/on 
> the display of the plugins can be used with the Shift key (as can just 
> about all if not all of the other buttons here).  So:
> 1) hold down Shift and click on the top row expander; now you will see 
> ALL tracks' plugins disappear except for the track you are on
> 2) click on the expander once more to get rid of that first track's plugin
> Shift click on the top row expander again to turn them all back on.
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