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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 19:14:01 CEST 2018

> I noticed that the FindObj plugin is much smaller. Before it was about 46
> MiB and now it is about 6 MiB. Maybe that's why the file got smaller. GG
> seems to have cleaned up the plugin a bit.
He found the issue with the size and reported a Gaussian SEGV to the OpenCV
website which was related to the size because he removed the library
causing the SEGV but not being used in findobject.

> The problem with the thickness of the line still exists. I made a short
> video, you can see that the frame disappears completely again and again.
Now we know specifically which line algorithm is giving you the problem.  I
don't know why it is not an issue for us as we have fairly decent monitors
- just not 4K.  At one time the Motion plugins when "Draw vectors" was
turned on, had disappearing lines even on our monitors but I will have to
check to see if that is still true.  If I understand gg correctly, the
lines you show are only 1 pixel and they get "aliased/anti-aliased" so can
become invisible.  Apparently, the fix is not as simple as making the line

A small suggestion, if it were technically feasible. If the check mark at
> the scene option (Drag) is set and I set the check mark at object box
> (Drag), then the check mark at scene disappears automatically. It's just an
> idea, if the implementation isn't too complicated. I can well imagine that
> some users might be confused if they realize that they can't check the box
> because they don't have the background information for this feature.

I don't think I stressed this enough earlier -- there is ONLY ONE drag
box.  So I do not think turning off the other one which is on, is what a
user would necessarily want and might lead to even more confusion.  For
example, you have the Title plugin in a small section of the video with
Drag turned on.  Now you have Findobject plugin on the whole track and you
try to turn Drag on, but it flashes at you to let you know Drag is already
on somewhere else.  Either way It is going to be confusing.  I will make a
big warning about it in Features5.pdf in the Title and Findobject
descriptions.  The moral of the story is DO NOT LEAVE DRAG BOXES CHECKED
when you are done with them.  Furthermore, we expect future use of Drag
boxes elsewhere.  I think the convenience is more than worth the confusion
(at least I hope so).

BTW, before if you accidentally left the Drag box checked in the Title
plugin and did a render, the ugly box would show.  A good side effect of
the draw box widget is that if you forget to turn it off, it no longer
shows up in the render (much better).

gg/phyllis (we will catch up with other recent issues from the last week
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