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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 03:48:38 CEST 2018

> This plugin seems to be very powerful, but the handling is very
> complicated. I have noticed the following points:
> 1. The knobs for the position of the frames are very laborious to operate.
> It would be a relief to draw a frame by mouse, similar to the crop tool in
> the compositor (F7). By using the CTRL or SHIFT keys to move the frame with
> the mouse, similar to moving the layer in the mask tool.
> 2. The frames are sometimes very difficult to see because the frame line
> disappears at certain positions. Maybe it would be good to make these lines
> a little thicker.
> 1. A drag widget is now included in findobject and you will see drag
checkboxes now. ONLY 1 drag box can be enabled at a time, even between
multiple plugins.  This same drag widget is used in the Title plugin and
all saved sessions should work as normal but you may want to delete
...bcast5/Cinelerra_plugins just to ensure the changed ones are loaded
correctly.  Also, the Object blend amount (poorly named) is now operational.

2. The frame lines are thicker.  Are they thick enough for a 4K monitor (we
do not know!).

If compiling with OpenCV for the first time in order to take advantage of
the new findobject capabilities, keep in mind that you will need more time
and disk space.  If for testing purposes, you want gg to a new findobject
on Leap instead, let us know.   GG/Phyllis
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