[CinCV TNG] Motion tracking with FindObject :-)

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Wed Apr 11 20:34:35 CEST 2018

*2018-04-11 20:04 GMT+03:00 Wolfgang Brunner <video4tux at gmail.com
<video4tux at gmail.com>>:*
*     You see, many subscriptions do not come together. That's a pity.*



> *I believe with patience Cinelerra will be seen again. Some users had
> switched to other NLEs because of the missing or poorly implemented codecs.*

The program was stuck halfway to a professional NLE.
It is very minimalistic for professionals from Win/Mac and is too complex
for most regular users of Linux-world.
But a skyscraper can be built only on a solid foundation.
A jumping between parts of the program, leaving the previous pieces
and the fundamental
foundations be half-completed, does not make sense and is a waste of time.

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