[CinCV TNG] Cinelerra codec issues

nicat45 at teknik.io nicat45 at teknik.io
Tue Apr 10 02:44:37 CEST 2018

If i  convert a video with ffmpeg   with this setups i dont have audio

* libx264 + aac
* libx264 + mp3
* libx264 + lame

and if convert to libx264+m4a  IT CRASHES  

[35192.145839] cin[19771]: segfault at 7f3c58013100 ip 00007f351fbc7b20 sp 00007f34deffc748 error 4 in libc-2.26.so[7f351fa90000+1ae000]

What build option can i use for fix this (i really want use libx264  cause of its small size and heavy multithreading)

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