[CinCV TNG] [impr] Request; & another motion tracking VIDEO

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Mon Apr 9 13:09:53 CEST 2018

Thx for the info. I'll try it out at the next opportunity.


On 09.04.2018 01:52, Phyllis Smith wrote:
>     Have a look at another video with motion tracking. It even works
>     with the title plugin. Really cool. This will be a standard plugin
>     for me. ;-)
>     https://streamable.com/kodfhs://streamable.com/9us6m
>     <https://streamable.com/9us6m>
> This is a really "cool" looking video! We did get the OpenCV picons 
> you sent and they will get checked in soon.
> The set of these plugins you are probably currently using will work 
> until Leap makes compiler/library changes which maybe happens every 6 
> months or so.  When that happens, you can either let us know and we 
> can create a new set, or as documented in Features5.pdf build them 
> yourself (which takes quite a bit of extra resources to compile cin5 
> with OpenCV), or you can extract the 6 plugins via a procedure that 
> will be documented in Features5.pdf at the end of this month.  Basic 
> instructions are below.
> The OpenCV plugins are built only in the 64-bit tarball monthly 
> builds, both static and dynamic.  You can get a copy of the tarball 
> for your distro and copy the plugins from the tarball to the cin5 
> install plugin path.
> gg/Phyllis
> PS. to get opencv built in the easiest way possible:
> ./configure <params> --with-opencv=sta,git
> This needs access to the internet, and builds opencv directly from the 
> github
> Takes twice as long to build, and uses twice as much disk space
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