[CinCV TNG] [impr] Request; & another motion tracking VIDEO

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 01:52:04 CEST 2018

> Have a look at another video with motion tracking. It even works with the
> title plugin. Really cool. This will be a standard plugin for me. ;-)
> https://streamable.com/kodfhs://streamable.com/9us6m
> <https://streamable.com/9us6m>

This is a really "cool" looking video!  We did get the OpenCV picons you
sent and they will get checked in soon.

The set of these plugins you are probably currently using will work until
Leap makes compiler/library changes which maybe happens every 6 months or
so.  When that happens, you can either let us know and we can create a new
set, or as documented in Features5.pdf build them yourself (which takes
quite a bit of extra resources to compile cin5 with OpenCV), or you can
extract the 6 plugins via a procedure that will be documented in
Features5.pdf at the end of this month.  Basic instructions are below.

The OpenCV plugins are built only in the 64-bit tarball monthly builds,
both static and dynamic.  You can get a copy of the tarball for your distro
and copy the plugins from the tarball to the cin5 install plugin path.


PS. to get opencv built in the easiest way possible:

./configure <params> --with-opencv=sta,git

This needs access to the internet, and builds opencv directly from the
Takes twice as long to build, and uses twice as much disk space
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