[CinCV TNG] [glitch] paste clip speed

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Sun Apr 8 23:54:11 CEST 2018

No problem, I had a hunch it was gonna be difficult. In the future I 
will insert the clips first and then change the speed. Maybe it would be 
good to write a little hint in the manual. Thanks anyway.


On 08.04.2018 23:40, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> Some more feedback:
>     However, by chance I noticed another small bug. I insert a clip at
>     normal speed. After this clip I minimize the speed, then I insert
>     the same clip right after the first clip. As you can see in the
>     video, the second clip has the same length as the first, although
>     the speed is not the same. If I delete the keyframe, the second
>     clip is shortened, although it should have the same length from
>     this point on. I didn't notice this behavior until today's test.
>     Apparently the speed is not checked when inserting the clip, I
>     have no idea if this is really relevant, if the users insert the
>     clips first and then adjust the speed, but I wanted to report this
>     behavior anyway.
> 3 attempts in the last couple of days has led to no way to change the 
> way this works.  There was just way too many problems once one thing 
> worked, another was messed up.  So, at least for now and unless GG can 
> come up with something in the future, users will have to work around 
> this by putting everything you want on the timeline first before 
> applying the speed auto.
> Have to move on to other issues.   GG/Phyllis
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