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Fri Sep 29 15:00:05 CEST 2017

Here're some UI feature requests! 

I'm new to Cinelerra and I'm using GG 5.1. I'm very impressed and also surprised that its not too technical really for beginners.  I've done some testing but hopefully I'll be using Cin as my default vid ed from now on.

I've used Kdenlive for years and I've tested all the other NLE's for Linux, including blender's VSE. Actually, on my quick score sheet, Cin makes 33 minus 5, beating all the others by 14 points.

I have some points where I feel Cin can be improved - nothing to do with its functions but only to make workflow easier/faster for working on the timeline. 

I did browse the mailing list for any talk about the user interface when, and I found one sent exactly a year ago, Sept 29th, by WP 
http://lists.cinelerra-cv.org/pipermail/cinelerra/2016q3/005340.html - who asked if there should be more user feedback.

snapping edits

I want to press a key to snap the end/start of an edit to the insert point (the following edits move up)..
e.g. Alt-1 snaps start, Alt-2 snaps end

(Blender has S shortcut to snap a strip, but need to select the end handles first, start or end)
(Kdenlive has cusomizable shortcuts, which I make 1 and 2, to snap edit ends to the seek point, but the clip needs to be selected first)
(shotcut uses I and O to remove front/back of edits -an extreme in/out point method but fast)

Only Shotcut has one-touch snapping commands.

currently with cinelerra, it takes 3 keyboard actions to snap the start or end of an edit to the pause point:

1. play and pause at cut point 
2. Alt-Right jump to end of edit
3. Shift-Ctrl-Left select from end back to pause point
4. del

so its quite a lot of work each time, not to mention fiddly with using all three modifier keys.

(actually, in/out points may be a tad bit faster than the above, but then 4 key presses: pause, [, Alt-Right, ], del)

If I try pressing Shift-Ctrl-Right from the pause point, the point I want to snap the edit end to, it highlights right to the end of the timeline, not to the end of the edit, which would be more useful.

To snap an edit it could be just..
1. pause at cut point
2. press Alt-2

simple and fast. I REALLY want this!

Snapping while dragging

The other thing that would be very useful, is snapping to insert point/label/pause point etc while DRAGGING ends of edits.  without snapping I can't see how this operation can be done with any certainty, its too tricky. Other video editors make this easy.

move one frame

I need shortcuts apart from numpad keys - perhaps < and > (I mean comma and fullstop keys)

my laptop has no numpad, and some laptops have numpad on blue keys which are awkward to use or even see.

Highlight colour

on my box, the edit highlight bg colour is almost white, which is not very aesthetic.

-need an option to set this a different colour.

That's all for now.  Keep up the amazing work you all do!
And thanks


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