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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 18:30:03 CEST 2017

Frederic:  thanks for the followup and suggestions.  So far these 4 items
are on the "soon to do" list for the proxy-feature.  As usual, GG has a lot
on that list and I have prioritized these for him to hopefully put in the
next couple of weeks:

1. put the Proxy files in their own folder instead of Media to avoid
2. allow for creating a Proxy file from the Resources window (as Igor
3. some way to delete all related Proxy files (again, suggestion from Igor)
4. don't delete the Proxy file once you go back to original size from the
Proxy folder

But I am not sure about the file name changes/location.  That's always
going to be controversial.

> Alt-1..Alt-6
> ============
> GG> of the program stream sets.  Use Alt-1..Alt-6 after loading the media
> GG> to select just one program subset.
> I found documentation about the Alt-1... keys in Features5 (section
> 9.2.7, page 58) but not in the shortcuts docs.
> And I didn't find a menu entry to do this.

There is no menu entry, but you see it in shortcuts as the 3rd line below:

Main Window   Key            Qualifier    Description
                    'e'                                  Toggle editing
mode: from cut&paste or drag&drop
                        '1 through 9'           Toggle auto mode settings
as in main menu shortcuts
                        '1 through 8'   Alt     Select asset pgm 1-8; reset
format (remove other trks)

> I currently don't need this feature, so just as a side note:
> Since the beginning of time ;) I use the Alt-1... keys to switch
> workspaces of my window manager.
> So, additionally to Alt-1... having maybe Shift-Alt-1... would be good

Maybe since "the beginning of time" is a little bit exaggerated!!  Alt-Tab
and Alt-Shift-Tab is the way workspaces are switched in most systems.  But
PCWorld quote says:

"Hold down Ctrl + Alt and tap an arrow key to quickly *move *up, down,
>> left, or right between *workspaces*, depending on how they're laid out.
>> Add the *Shift* key—so, press *Shift* + Ctrl + Alt and tap an arrow
>> key—and you'll *switch* between *workspaces*, taking the currently
>> active window with you to the new *workspace*.Mar 9, 2015"
Anyway, there are a lot of shorcuts and it is getting hard to pick a new
one.  We personally use this feature every week so don't want to change
it.  If it becomes an issue in the future, we can add another method at
that time.

There is a "remote control" feature which also would benefit from a dynamic
key-binding scheme, but since it works with android phones, there is no
pressure to change the current key function bindings.  Key binding has been
around since Motif, which is nearly as long as the beginning of time.
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