[CinCV TNG] Cin 5.1 GG Proxy

Frederic Roenitz ml1 at aimvis.de
Mon Sep 25 15:03:15 CEST 2017

Hi everybody,

I followed the discussions and you are all doing great!

The proxy-feature was on my wish list, too. :)

 >> How about creating a separate folder for links to these proxy files on drive ? (a folder like the folders for Labels, Clips)
 >> This would be convenient if the user made the project, then again returned to it after a while. He goes to the proxy folder and gets full information.
 >> This would be convenient if with using a proxy for individual files.
 > What do other users think of that ?

We have the proxy files on the file system like: foo.proxy32.MP4

And we have infos about the proxy files and their current
cinelerra-status in the cinelerra resources window in the media

Filesystem part

 From a coding point of view I totally understand that the proxy files
are put in the same directory as the source files. I would have done
the same in the first place to get usable results.

When time and effort allow to do this, I'd prefer that the source
files directories (like source files in general) would be left

The risk when I want to manually delete a proxy file and accidentally
delete a source file is there. (Even when I have a backup of the
source files.)


Put the proxy files in a proxy-subdirectory.

Put the proxy-subdirectory in the same directory where the
edl-xml-file is saved.

Name the proxy-subdirectory [edl-xml-file]_proxy, for example:

  Project file: foo.xml
  Proxy-subdirectory name: foo.xml_proxy

Basic preference settings for the proxy file directories, like:

checkbox: put proxy-file-directory in the same directory as the project file.

'Advanced' preference settings: Only if somebody has fun coding this.

Resources window part

Doing the changes on the filesystem part like described above might
make it easier to code a proxy-folder in the resources window. (This
is a total guess. I did not look at the code.)

Having the information about what proxy files are already there and if
they are currently in use, would be nice.

Having the options: "delete from list" and "delete from disk", could
be nice, too.


GG> of the program stream sets.  Use Alt-1..Alt-6 after loading the media
GG> to select just one program subset.

I found documentation about the Alt-1... keys in Features5 (section
9.2.7, page 58) but not in the shortcuts docs.

And I didn't find a menu entry to do this.

I currently don't need this feature, so just as a side note:

Since the beginning of time ;) I use the Alt-1... keys to switch
workspaces of my window manager.

So, additionally to Alt-1... having maybe Shift-Alt-1... would be good.

Kind greetings


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