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Multiple responses to items as quoted:

On Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 1:43 AM, igor_ubuntu <sitelve at gmail.com> wrote:

> But I see that after recently commit, if I change size back to original,
> the created proxy is removed atomatically.
> Is that a expected behaviour ?

Yes, that is expected behaviour and it was extra work to make it that way.

> It seems that after loading files to  Resources, if a user wants to create
> a proxy, he should manually set the Canvas Size and only then create a
> proxy.
> Because, if the file is only in Resources (timeline is empty), creating
> proxy  does not affect Canvas Size.
> i.e. the situation, that I described in my previous message, still exist
> (I mean ".. the window says 'New media dimensons' " ).
>> When "Use scaler", for ffmpeg files, is set in the proxy settings the
canvas stays the same size already set to and only the media size changes.
This is quite handy too.  So if I understand the comment correctly, than
the response is "yes, you should set the canvas size to what you want"

>> Igor*:  From manual: "..Proxy settings only work on the 1st video
>>> layer...*
>> Why ? I see, that if I load a few videos on a few tracks, choose "Proxy
>>> settings", => I get the  proxy for all video files
>> (downscaled videos) on all  tracks.
>> Phyllis:
>               Yes, it does all tracks, but only the 1st LAYER of multiple
> layers.  Such as:
>> http://www.datafilehost.com/d/8ac9abaf
> :) The screencast shows only a hockey match.
> Still do not understand.  AFAIK  one track = one layer

I think you understand this now after Sam's response and your testing.
Basically a single file contains multiple video/audio streams.  Just for
fun, you might want to do an info/detail in the resources window to see
what is there and even more interesting, is to load the file NOT using
ffmpeg first and look at info/detail.

> + It is impossible to select an asset randomly (my screencast does not
> show this)
> Start position = all three assets on timeline
> I press Alt-2 and  get asset#2
> Now I want to select asset#3   I should return to the start position using
> Alt-1 and then to press Alt-3
> Does that work properly ?
> Broadcast transport streams may consist of multiple programs that all run
together on one channel. If you play this you can hear all of these
programs playing simultaneously and that is a jumble.  When you use
Alt-1...to select the desired program number, *cinelerra removes all of the
unrelated audio/video tracks *except for the selected program. It also
resets the session to match the media.  It works properly, so you will have
to reload the file.

The screencast shows a strange (?) change of asset size displaying in
> Compositor

You have to do a "replace load".  Undo and Redo are stacked and there is a
whole set of rules that apply there.  The 2nd and 3rd streams are 704x480
as opposed to 1920x1080 of the 1st stream.
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